Monday, July 25, 2011

Hezbollah blames Norway massacres on...well, take a guess

From the Daily Star (Lebanon):
Hezbollah condemned Monday the recent attack in Norway that left at least 76 dead as “proof” of the racism of Zionist culture.“

"The terrorist act committed by a right-wing extremist, who supports Zionists in Norway, is additional proof that the culture stemming from the Zionist enemy, or ideas that support it, is deeply tied to the racism of its leadership,” a statement released by the party said.

Hezbollah’s statement said “Zionist terrorism” poses a danger to Palestinians and Arabs as well as to Europeans and warned against “attempts to overlook terrorism tied to Zionism.”

“Concerning this assault, standards differ within the international community and positions are taken based on the identity of those accused of terrorism. If they were Muslims, then their culture and society would be condemned, whereas if they were close to Zionists, justifications and excuses would be sought,” it added.

Hezbollah said attempts to overlook the incident’s link to Zionist terrorism would encourage further attacks.
Hezbollah's Al Manar TV added:
The motive that urged the “Christian” fanatic to launch terror attacks in Norway was the source of terror in the world, Israel; and so, the first European country to declare the recognition of an independent Palestinian State and the right for Palestinians to have a good livelihood, was the first to witness a deadly terror attack since decades.

Beside the pro-Palestinian events, investigations revealed that Breivak was against “Muslim Domination in Europe”, and a supporter of Zionism. Furthermore, he was an admirer of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu, and Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman.

The extremist criminal was reportedly labeled as a “Shabbath Goy”: Hebrew for a non-Jewish individual who assists the Jews in performing an act that is forbidden for Jewish individuals according to their biblical law.
That last bit comes from rabid anti-semite Gilad Atzmon in a bizarre rant he penned earlier today.

If Hezbollah and their buddy Atzmon would try to create a list of bad things that Jews aren't responsible for, they'd be done in time for brunch.