Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hamas promotes "Jihad and resistance and bodies and blood."

Martyrdom is getting really cheap in Hamastan. Now you don't even have to die!

Hamas' Al Qassam newspaper interviews "living martyr" Salah Osman, who was involved in a terror attack against an Israeli bus in 1993. Now he is bedridden (perhaps because of a different incident in 2008 when he escaped a bombing attack in Gaza) and therefore has the status of "living martyr."

He is sad that he didn't manage to blow himself up in 1993.

The punchline of the article is this quote:

The Road to Palestine and the maximum [Temple Mount] does not go through the Oslo and Washington and the round-table negotiations; but through Jihad and resistance and bodies and blood.

But, remember, Hamas has moderated, and united with the peaceful Fatah terrorists. This quote in their official newspaper doesn't preclude the well-known fact that Jimmy Carter and George Galloway and others know to be true: "Jihad and resistance and bodies and blood" really means "peace and harmony and bunnies and rainbows."