Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Gaza citizens' views of all the new fancy restaurants and hotels

Ma'an (Arabic)  has an article about the surge of new fancy restaurants, hotels, spas and resorts in Gaza, and how their prices are so far out of reach to the average Gazan.

According to the article, the main customers in these hotspots are employees of NGOs, journalists and rich Gazans. An entire industry in Gaza has sprung up to service people whose entire jobs are to report on how horrid conditions are in Gaza.

The article also notes that many Gazans are going to these restaurants, enjoying the food and entertainment, and then they either skip out without paying or they tell the owner that they'll pay "next month" when they get their next check.

Gazans are interviewed about how difficult it is for them to save up money to go to fancy restaurants with their families, and how it is cheaper to just buy their own ingredients and make their own meals. Which sounds pretty much like most people on the planet.

I had seen a previous article that described one other customer for these new hotels and halls. Apparently, (again just like people everywhere,) Gazans will go into extreme debt to pay for fancy weddings for their daughters, and they don't want to look cheap.