Friday, July 08, 2011

Flytilla fumbles, fizzles and flops

From YNet:
Two American activists, who arrived in Israel from Athens overnight as part of the fly-in, were refused entry by Ben Gurion Airport authorities.

The two women arrived at Israel's gates dressed in Gaza flotilla shirts. Border control officers who interviewed them, as they do every individual entering Israel through the airport, determined that "their expressed purpose was to disrupt public order and cause provocation."

They did not resist the proceeding and are set to be deported later Friday. Six people have been deported so far.
JPost adds:
Around 200 pro-Palestinian activists were denied entry to Israel or were prevented from boarding flights to the country as part of an "air flotilla," Israel Radio said on Friday.
Let's do the math.

The activists predicted 500-600 people coming to Israel today. Israel's list of people to be denied entry is 200. So we should have expected 300-400 people who were not on the list to make it through, right?

So where were they?

Even funnier is this latest tweet from the flytilla fumblers:

Sit-in happening at CDG airport, Paris as some airlines are not issuing refunds. #palspring.
All of a sudden, they have turned into capitalists, protesting for money!

This one too:

Israeli activists are thinking of canceling their demo in the airport today because "arrest is definite' #palspring
Since when do such idealists cancel protests because they would be arrested? I thought they thrived on that!