Monday, July 18, 2011

EoZ Survey: What kind of posts do you like? (Results)

Every once in a while people comment that they love a post of mine and would love to see more of that type of post. I was wondering how many people agree, so here is a survey to help me understand what you like best about EoZ. (Not that I am promising anything...)

The survey is over, because I didn't realize that the free survey software I was using was limited to 100 responses.

Assuming that the sample size is representative of the entire EoZ readership, the answers don't help me a whole lot, but it was fun seeing the details:

Type Rating (1-4)
Stories that didn't get wide play 3.57
Original Analysis 3.48
Fisking 3.45
Scoops from Arab media 3.44
History 3.43
Breaking news 3.33
Sarcastic (Gaza deprivation) 3.08
Legal 3.06
Posters/Comics 3.05
Videos 2.89
Linkdumps 2.86