Thursday, July 14, 2011

Crazy Water Park attacked, and other unreported Gaza news

The Gaza NGO Safety Office has come out with their biweekly report for June 20-July 3, and it includes news (or details of news items) that did not seem to make it into any media.

Here are some of them::
On June 29, an experimental rocket was fired by Hamas towards the sea.

On 24 June, masked gunmen opened fire and threw a hand grenade targeting the Crazy Water Park tourist resort in Sheikh Ejlen area, S-W of Gaza City. People panicked and fled the area; however, there were no reports of injuries or damage. The de facto police opened an investigation. The Park has been targeted before, when on 19 September 2010 the Park’s buildings and restaurants were set fire by unknown masked gunmen.

The next day, an explosive device was detonated at 2322hrs next to the perimeter wall of the United Nations Special Coordinator (UNSCO) compound causing damage to the wall. Having left a 30cm crater in the ground, the device is thought to have had an explosive force equivalent to 200 grams of TNT. The force from the blast shattered the windowpanes of both a mosque, which is located 15 meters further down the road, and of an INGO office. As a result of the shattering glass, 1 Palestinian passerby was injured. The fact that the explosion took place late in the evening, and that the explosive device did not contain any shrapnel, suggests that the intention was to shock and convey a message, rather than to do actual harm.

On 26 June, 50 people affiliated to the Fatah Youth Organisation (Shabibah) organised a sit-in in front of the house of a prominent Fatah leader, west of Gaza City, to protest against the decision to dismiss Mohammed Dahlan from the Fatah movement. Shots were fired, which resulted in 1 injury.

On 28 June, a Palestinian man was shot three times by 2 masked gunmen on a motorcycle in Al Bureij Camp.

Another man, allegedly a 50-year old drug dealer, was found dead in Nuseirat Camp. It was reported that he died as a result of an interrogation by the de facto police.