Friday, July 15, 2011

Adopt your own Palestinian pet monkey!

Today in Jerusalem, Israelis and Arabs are planning to march along the route where Jerusalem was divided for 19 anomalous years, in support of the Palestinian Arab statehood bid.

Who are the organizers?

As with virtually every similar protest, it isn't the Arab residents of the area who came up with the idea. Practically every one of these events are wholly conceived, planned and led by Westerners.

Why are the flotillas and flytillas and other demonstrations almost always led by Westerners? One would think that the leftists are more interested in a state than the proposed subjects of that state themselves.

This is just another manifestation of the bigotry of the so-called "pro-Palestinian activists." To them, the real lives of Palestinian Arabs are not of any real interest except for how they can be manipulated and used to pressure Israel.

Read their literature, and mentally substitute "pet monkey" for "Palestinian."

Look how proud they are of their pet monkeys! These precocious monkeys actually welcome them into their homes and act friendly - they don't always flinging poo at them! The monkeys can be taught to march against Israel with the leftists - almost as if they were human themselves! They even have families, just like real people!

And when they do act in vaguely human way, we are so proud of them! They help each other out! They can figure out how to build tunnels and rockets, all by themselves!

Palestinian Arab  monkeys are very useful to have around as well, After all, if you are planning a protest on their behalf, you have to trot your pets out to perform for the cameras.

Admittedly, sometimes they do act like animals. Sure, they only think about themselves, and they will often lapse into the "law of the jungle." Animals can't be taught empathy or compromise, which are higher-level concepts that only humans can exhibit. 

They'll attack their enemies and even their zookeepers sometimes, but that must be swept under the carpet. It is unrealistic to expect even trained pet monkeys to always act exactly like real humans act. I mean, as human-like as they appear, it is vaguely racist to expect them to completely shed their animal nature. When they lapse into violence, it is after all part of their culture and completely justifiable. Some pet owners even say that their animal-like instincts are superior to human ways. Who are we to say otherwise? 

But make no mistake - the owners love their monkeys, almost as if the simians were human themselves. They are bursting with pride at how much they have taught them already about monkey rights, and how monkey rights are the most important issue in the world today. The monkeys have learned that lesson well.