Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Abbas lies in Norway: "Our people eager for freedom and independence"

Palestine Press Agency reports on Mahmoud Abbas's remarks in Norway concerning the unilateral move to have the UN short-circuit negotiations with Israel.

He said, "Our people are eagerly awaiting their freedom and independence."

If that is so, then why does he refuse to negotiate with Israel? If that is so, why does he consistently refuse to compromise on any major issues? If his people are so eager to have a state, then why not accept one of the many that Israel has already offered?

He said, "Our choice is peace, and we continue to strive to achieve this with Israel through negotiations."

Then why did he leave the negotiating table? why did he refuse to negotiate during Israel's ill-advised "settlement freeze"?

He said, "We are involved in the path of building our institutions and the development of our economy."

If so, then why is the Palestinian Arab economy still so dependent on outside aid? Why is paying the families of terrorists, and salaries to the terrorists themselves in prison, a higher priority than paying his own employees?

He said, "We will make every effort possible to reach the unity of our people and end the suffering of our people in Gaza Strip."

If so, then why has he not made any move to re-assert the PA's authority in Gaza? Why has he not yet visited the area? Why is he accepting Hamas' de facto rule?

And why aren't any Norwegian reporters or politicians asking these questions to him?