Friday, April 01, 2011

University of California-Davis student paper rejects pro-Israel ad as "controversial"

I've mentioned that a loyal reader was, at his own expense, placing ads featuring my "Apartheid?" posters in various California newspapers.

Here is the ad:

This ad does not insult anyone. It has no offensive content. Every single photo and caption shows how Israel is a tolerant, liberal state.

Yet when this ad was submitted to The California Aggie, the newspaper written by students at the University of California-Davis, it was rejected.

Here's the rejection letter:


So due to the fact that we'd be taking money to publish an ad
portraying a controversial opinion, we will not be able to publish the
attached advertisement. Ultimately, such decisions are made by Mark
Ling, our Editor in Chief, who can be reached by email at

Kevin Kankel
Advertising Manager
The California Aggie
25 Lower Freeborn
One Shields Ave
Davis, CA 95616

Apparently, at UC Davis, saying that Israel is anything other than an apartheid regime is considered "controversial."

UPDATE: The California Aggie is an independent newspaper written by UCD students; it is not an official UCD paper. I corrected the post.