Sunday, April 03, 2011

Ma'an again quotes bogus "activists" in Hebron

On Friday, Ma'an wrote:
Israeli settlers burned a store in the center of the West Bank city of Hebron on Friday, activists said.

Protesters assembling ahead of a demonstration said settler tossed flammable materials that burned a storefront on Shalala Street.

Palestinian firefighters put out the blaze that caused damage to the stores and prevented it from spreading, onlookers said.
This sounded fishy to me, as Israelis are simply not allowed in most of Hebron. So I asked someone who lives in the area whether this was possible, and he responded:
It's an area behind Beit Hadassah where we have no access at all. I gave David Wilder a call to double check since it's up by him. He said no chance.
How many times must we document that anti-Israel "activists" lie before the media starts to show some skepticism on their wild and unfounded claims?

And when will Ma'an actually do some real reporting and verify facts instead of mindlessly repeating any anti-Israel drivel anyone claims? It is not hard to reach out to Jews living in Hebron.