Thursday, April 07, 2011

Latest stupid PalArab/leftist rumor: "Operation Scorching Summer"

Over the past few hours, lots of  Palestinian and leftist sites have been repeating a rumor that looks like this:

Israel have just announced that "Operation Scorching Summer" will resume tonight. The UN have evacuted all their staff, and 1.5 million people are preparing for another massacre.

It seems to have started on a Facebook page called "Breaking News Gaza" and it got copied all over the place. The most prominent website behind it seems to be "Occupied Palestine", claiming it was on Israel's Channel 2.

Of course, this is completely ridiculous.

If you actually need proof that it is not true, meaning if you actually believe that the IDF announces its attacks on TV a day ahead of time, just look at the website that is dedicated to the safety of NGOs in Gaza. If the UN was evacuating, they would be telling all their people.

Of course, they are not.

But just for fun, Google it or search Twitter. See how unbelievably gullible the Israel haters are, and how easily rumors can spread among the idiots who hate Israel. Not to mention how litte regard they have for the truth to begin with.

Or, if you want, make up a scary graphic so they can make themselves look even dumber when they start spreading it:

(h/t Cesar)