Friday, April 15, 2011

The Elder of Ziyon Haggadah (2009) - download it now!

Two years ago, I made a Haggadah:

It contains the full Haggadah text, including English (except for Nirtzah.) It includes dozens of commentaries that I found on the Internet, almost all from a religious-Zionist perspective. Many of the commentaries assume that the audience is religious, so there are many transliterations of Hebrew words that I did not translate. I did not write anything original; I just compiled and edited it, pretty quickly.

The Haggadah is in PDF format, suitable for printing. It is 61 pages long and looks decent when printed two-sided on a color printer.
I had always hoped to rewrite it and make a real printed edition, which would entail  paraphrasing all the commentaries and expanding it, but I never had the time.

(I seem to remember that a paragraph in Maggid is missing, but I couldn't find it now from a quick glance. Maybe I'll fix it next year.)

About 1500 people downloaded the Haggadah so far.

I still can't believe that there are not more Haggadahs with an explicitly Zionist theme, at least in English. The theme of redemption seems such a natural fit.

(Here's one that is implicitly Zionist, based on the writings of Rav Kook. )

To download the Elder of Ziyon Haggadah, click here and then click on the text that says "Click here to start download from MediaFire."

חג שמח!