Sunday, April 03, 2011

Egyptian foreign minister warns that peace with Israel will get colder

Al Arabiya reports that Nabil el-Arabi, Egypt's foreign minister, said said that his country would not be a "strategic treasure to Israel, as they said it was at the time of President Mubarak," and Egypt will only abide by treaties and no more.

He said that Egypt has the right to force the Israeli side to adhere to some of the issues that they claim Israel has not strictly kept from Camp David, "such as the part that said that Israel is committed to peace with the countries that wish it, and it did not happen with Palestine."

The commenters were of the "hell yeah!" type, although one of them definitely gets into the Great Moments of Autotranslation Hall of Fame. Google translates his comment like this:

I am an Iraqi, me proud to be an Arab.... We are tired of waiting for the vagina to defeat the Jews who planted the differences and hatred between us .. When the disease became ill Egypt Sadat and Mubarak sick all the Arabs and Hovoa Wayne got .. Today, Egypt is recovering ..Recover all of the Arabs and, God willing, the vagina soon.