Saturday, January 15, 2011

Ken O'Keefe says Jews who do not criticize Israel are like pre-war Germans

From OyVaGoy:

When he gives interviews to the media, Ken O’Keefe usually concentrates on his favourite topics: himself and how heroic he is. However, of late he has been getting ever more angry, as even his own side begins to wisen-up to what a spectacular fake he is.
Here, during an interview on Press TV, he speculates whether Jews “as a people are a threat to every ounce of decency and humanity that exists”. He adds that if the Jewish people of the world do not turn against Israel, then they will be akin to Germans who failed to stop the rise of Hitler. What a creep.

Being insulted by Ken O'Keefe is perhaps the biggest compliment one can get.

But just to cover my bases, maybe I should ask every gentile on the planet to dissociate themselves from this lying nutcase, or else I will hold them responsible when he one day goes on his inevitable murder spree.