Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A short history of Iran's predictions of Israel's demise

Oct 29, 2005: "the Zionist regime will eventually rot from within and collapse"

October 20, 2006: "This regime (Israel) will be gone, definitely... this regime internally, and regionally from the outside, is cracking and is falling apart."

June 3, 2007: "The countdown for the Zionist regime's (Israel's) collapse has started - inshallah (God willing), we will soon witness the collapse of this regime."

February 21, 2008: "Countdown has begun for collapse of the Zionist regime, Haddad Adel said."

June 3, 2008: "The criminal and terrorist Zionist regime (Israel) which has a record of 60 years of killing and violation has reached its final phase and will soon be wiped out from the geographic scene."

December 29, 2008: "The final count down has started for the collapse of the Zionist regime."

So when is the Zionist regime going to collapse already? I mean, it's been five years since these predictions started.

Today, we receive the answer: it has already happened!

December 14, 2010: "Today we witness that the predictions made by the leaders of the fake Israeli regime have materialized and the failure of the regime has, in fact, led to its collapse."

See? Israel has collapsed, Iran's nuclear program is peaceful, and up is down.