Sunday, December 12, 2010

Marxists march in Gaza

From Ma'an:
Thousands of supporters celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine in Gaza City on Saturday.

Politburo member of the leftist faction Jamil Majdalawi delivered a speech urging rival factions Hamas and Fatah to end "the unjustified disagreement which harms the Palestinian people, resistance fighters and negotiators."

Resistance, Majdalawi continued, was a legal right of the Palestinian people, and it would be wrong to look for alternatives.
The PFLP is a Marxist organization that has connections to socialist groups worldwide. (Here is its German site, for example, complete with links to a shop where you can buy their caps and T-shirts, which seems strangely capitalist. And here is the webpage of the New Zealand branch, complete with a video of "pro-peace" activist David Rovics, whom I lampooned here, performing at a terrorism fundraiser.)

The rally seems to have been fairly well-attended, and Hamas apparently did not interfere with this staunchly secular but terrorist organization's march:

The very existence of the PFLP in Gaza is proof that even if somehow an agreement would be reached with Fatah and (let's fantasize) Hamas, there are other terror groups like PFLP, DFLP, Islamic Jihad and some Salafist and al-Qaeda-leaning groups that would still happily attack Israelis by whatever means they could. Not only that, but groups like Fatah would encourage those groups to continue the "resistance" in the same way that Fatah has used the fiction of having a separate "political wing" as cover to shield it from criticism for terror attacks by organizations it actively supported behind the scenes.