Friday, December 24, 2010

Jordanians aghast at school teaching about Anne Frank

From YNet:
A private school in Jordan stirred the anger of many in the Hashemite Kingdom after it was revealed that one of its English textbooks includes a chapter about the Holocaust and even quotes excerpts of Anne Frank's diary.

The "sensational affair" was uncovered by local newspaper Al-Dustour and led the Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Education Minister Dr. Khalid Karaki to order the establishment of a commission of inquiry that will "examine and write a report about the implications of the incident."

Following the initial report, the Education Ministry issued an official response in which it said it "prohibits the inclusion of additional study materials, unless they have received an official approval. The ministry will look into other schools that have used similar materials, and has instructed the school to stop using the textbook," it read.
Here's one of the al-Dustour articles that says that these are "misleading Zionist curricula which seeks to penetrate the minds of students and future generations."

This is the textbook that they were using; it uses the text of the play based on Anne Franks's diary rather than the diary itself.