Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Israel joins the big leagues!

From Iran's FARS News Agency:
Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi said on Tuesday that a fate worse than what Hitler experienced is waiting for the US and Britain's warmongering leaders.

"The American, British and Zionist regimes are the three sides of the evil triangle of warmongering and terrorism in the world," Vahidi said, addressing senior military and law enforcement commanders in Iran's Northern province of Alborz today.

He denounced the recent threatening remarks made by the US Defense Secretary and his British counterpart, and said, "The frequent visits paid to the region by the US military officials as well as their warmongering remarks are clear indications of their evil plots for looting the wealth and the riches of the regional nations."

Vahidi further viewed "nations' belief in God, self-belief, insightfulness and resistance" as the main deterrents which can defuse the plots hatched by the aforementioned evil triangle, and said, "If the US and Britain do not seek to revise their policies and if they don't start fundamental changes in their approaches and strategies, a fate worse than those of Hitler's and Saddam's will be waiting for them."
Congratulations to Israel for making it to the big leagues, on par with the US and UK as part of the "evil triangle!"

I think it would be fair, therefore, to raise Israel's profile at the UN to become a permanent member of the Security Council and have veto power over any resolutions. Why shouldn't the triangle be equilateral?

I think that the Evil Triangle of Warmongering deserves a logo:
Um, needs some work.