Monday, December 13, 2010

Is Hezbollah threatening STL members?

Maybe a non-story - but maybe something significant:
Fatima al-Issawi on Sunday announced her resignation from the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, citing "professional reasons."

"I announce my resignation as a spokesperson for the STL for professional reasons," Issawi said in a statement delivered to the state-run National News Agency.

She said she will not go into details of her resignation "out of respect for the position I had represented."
She does seem to come from Lebanon, so could Hezbollah be making some discreet threats against her family members in an attempt to delay or influence the STL indictments?

A possible hint from Iloubnan:
The Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) is an “international conspiracy concocted against Lebanon in the service of Zionist entity”, Development and Liberation bloc MP Ali Khreiss said on Sunday, according to the National News Agency (NNA).

The MP stressed Amal and Hezbollah determination to thwart the STL conspiracy targeting Lebanon.