Wednesday, December 15, 2010

How not to do BDS - and an idea how to combat it

Brian of London, over at Israellycool, shows us a video from MPAC-UK where the Muslim group seems strangely happy that they came up with a "boycott Israel" protest that seems designed to piss off store employees and customers. As he writes:

The poisonous organisation, Muslim Public Affairs Committee UK (MPACUK) had the wonderful idea to find every Israeli product they can in the UK supermarket Tesco, put them all in their trolley and take them to the check out. Once there they allow the Tesco checkout person to scan everything and then, in such a witty and ironic statement of defiance, they refuse to pay and start lecturing all around on the evils of buying Jewish and Israeli products.
Wait for the fireworks when the rightly annoyed lady behind them in the queue realise what they’re up to!
I particularly like when the Muslim activists say that a Palestinian Arab child dies every minute. That means that over 1400 died just yesterday, and a half a million kids were killed by the evil Israelis this year alone! That Zionist media is really doing a great job of suppressing this information!

Anyway, just imagine if outside this same store, a few smiling Zionists would be at a table, politely asking incoming shoppers to buy Israeli goods in the store (showing the goods and the aisles in which they can be found.) Then, when they leave the store, those people can show the Israeli products to the volunteers, and they then receive a small toy labeled "Israel means quality" or "Israel: progressiveness in the Middle East" or something like that. An effective demonstration can be done for $500 to hand out a thousand toys to customers.

Which side would the customers want to support next time they go shopping?

BDSers base their entire lives on hate. Take advantage of that and people will see the contrast between Israel haters and Israel lovers.