Friday, December 31, 2010

Florida Arab woman arrested in Rafah with pen-cameras

From Ma'an:
Egyptian authorities on the Rafah crossing said Thursday that officers detained a Palestinian woman with a US passport for failing to explain why she carried six camera-pens with her.

Each recorder, Egyptian officials said, had an eight gigabyte memory, three cameras and high-grade voice recorder. The click-device at the top of each pen act as the on'of switch, officials said.

The woman, a resident of the American state of Florida, was said to have "not given a clear reason" for why she was carrying the pens, and transferred to the public prosecution by Egyptian state security.

One official told Ma'an that he believed the pens could be used for spying, adding that the sites of Gaza militant groups were a prime target for spy operations. The official, who preferred to remain unnamed, would not explain why he believed the woman was involved in a spy operation.
8 GB spy pen cameras, only $39.95 each.

So who hired her? A lot of parties could use such devices in Gaza, from Hamas to the PA to the US and Israel.