Saturday, December 25, 2010

Church of Nativity desecrators wish Merry Christmas

One of the most cynical articles I've read in a while:
Palestinians deported after the 2002 siege of the Nativity Church were sad during Christmas to be away from Bethlehem and the church, which sheltered them or 39 days.

Fahmi Kan’an, a spokesman for the Gaza deportees, said Friday that they grieved to be away from the festivities.

“The deportees will never forget the courageous support they received from the monks who disobeyed Israeli military orders to evacuate the church, and instead they offered as much services and support to those who took refuge in their church,” Kan’an said.

He added: “Nine years have passed, and we are burning and yearning to see each alley, tree, and stone in the city. We would never give up on Bethlehem even if they give us the whole world. It is our right to return to Bethlehem just as all other Palestinians displaced from their homes have the right to return.”

Kan’an wished all Christians in Palestine a merry Christmas expressing his hope that all deportees in Gaza and in Europe will celebrate Christmas next year in Bethlehem.
The deportees shot their way into, and desecrated, one of the holiest shrines of Christianity, bringing guns and explosives in and causing huge amounts of damage. They used nuns as human shields and insulted Christians worldwide.

And now they are wishing them a Merry Christmas???