Sunday, December 05, 2010

Al Qaeda poison perfume plot?

From Al Arabiya:
Saudi security sources uncovered Saturday that in a constant attempt to come up with lethal tactics, al-Qaeda was planning to resort to an untraditional weapon that delivers the desired result without explosions or gunfire: perfume.

Al-Qaeda operatives in Saudi Arabia plotted to put poison in perfumes, especially Arabian fragrances like agarwood, also called “oud,” to then send the bottles to homes and offices of government officials and religious scholars as gifts, local newspaper Okaz reported Saturday.
There are no real details on who was caught and what kinds of poison, so this story almost sounds like something that the Saudi authorities made up to give the impression that they are in the forefront of fighting terrorism.

After all, only last week US state department memos leaked by Wikileaks implicated Saudi Arabia as not doing enough to stop the cash flow from Saudis to terrorist groups.