Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Israel's concerns towards UNIFIL (updated)

I was wondering to which UNIFIL contributing country the blue helmets belong to. I think my question was answered when seeing this picture on which the flag of Indonesia can be seen:
In April this year Israel expressed its concern:
that Indonesia could take up command of UNIFIL’s naval force, making it difficult for the IDF and particularly the Israel Navy to maintain a high level of coordination with the peacekeeping force.

Israel’s concern is that if Indonesia takes command of the force, coordination and ties will deteriorate, since Israel and Indonesia do not have formal diplomatic or military relations. Indonesia already contributes to UNIFIL 1,300 soldiers who are deployed in the eastern sector near the southern Lebanese village of Tayba.
Tayba (or Taibe) is just northwest of Aadaisse and kibbuts Misgav Am, where the incident of today took place.
This could explain a lot.

UNIFIL has to take action the sooner the better or worse incidents might take place in future.

(In the background you see the "tree-cutter". And a hill with a road. It looks very much as if it was taken in the near this position.)


UNIFIL confirms Israel's version: IDF troops didn't enter Lebanon
Lebanese officials said an IDF bulldozer crossed the international border and entered about 18 meters into Lebanon.

A spokesman for UNIFIL, however, confirmed the exchange was initiated by the Lebanese Army after an IDF bulldozer crossed the border fence "in an apparent attempt to clear mines between the Blue Line (international border) and the fence."

"We characterise this as a serious incident between the Lebanese Army and the IDF," the spokesman said.

UPDATE: From YNet:
UNIFIL forces who toured the site of Tuesday's deadly exchanges of fire on the northern border said the IDF's activity did not warrant the attack launched by Lebanese Army soldiers, Israeli army officials who spoke to UNIFIL representatives said.

Not that the UN will demand an investigation or anything. (EoZ)