Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Zionist crimes of Sarah Jessica Parker

From Time Out Dubai:
It's not a massive surprise, but now it has been confirmed, Sex and the City 2 will not be shown in UAE cinemas.

A senior spokesman for the National Media Council (NMC), responsible for judging films and other media in the country, made the announcement today.

"Sex and the City 2 will be banned from being shown in cinemas across the UAE when it is released for various reasons," the spokesman said. "Among them are that the film's website stated that filming was done in Abu Dhabi even though they were denied permission to do so and that they continue to attribute the locations shot in Morocco as being in Abu Dhabi, which is false, as the theme of the film does not fit with our cultural values. Also, they persisted in using Abu Dhabi's name in the movie despite the fact that no official permission was given to them to do so."

A large portion of the film is set in Abu Dhabi but was filmed in Morocco after the UAE authorities refused the film's producers permission to film in either Dubai or Abu Dhabi.
But there is another problem with SATC, a secret that only a few privileged Zionists know - and that I shall now reveal. This will cause a scandal that would make it difficult for Sex and the City to be shown in any Arab country.

Sarah Jessica Parker once played a character that, to the Arab world, is so offensive that it makes Carrie look like she wears a burqa in comparison.

The name of this character was "Jerusalem Jones." The video was Shalom Sesame episode 10: Passover.

Here is a description of her part of the episode:

On the Aleph-Bet Network, Kippi Ben Kippod (right) announces a block of "Pey TV" programming, celebrating the letter pey (פ), which begins Passover, Pharoah, and pyramids. Due to homonym problems, Moishe Oofnik initially thinks it's "pay TV."
The Pey TV movie-of-the-week begins, Jerusalem Jones and the Lost Afikomen. During the seder, Moishe Oofnik hides the afikomen (the piece of matzah hidden for desert), so that the seder cannot continue. Jerusalem Jones (Sarah Jessica Parker) comes to help find the lost afikomen, with assistance from Kippi. Jerusalem is unaware of the history of the seder and Passover, however. Moishe reluctantly gives them a clue, telling them to look in the Haggadah.
As Jerusalem Jones and the Lost Afikomen continues, the Haggadah has transported Jerusalem and Kippi travel back in time. They find themselves in an ancient Egyptian cave, where they meet the Pharoah's Oofnik, who was left bereft by the exodus. He tells them that they are his slaves. They are trapped in the cave, until Kippi says "Open Sesame". She notes that "Sesame is a word that opens a lot of doors where I come from."
As Jerusalem Jones and the Lost Afikomen continues, Jerusalem and Kippi find the oldest matzah ball in the world. In a parody of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the matzah ball quivers and threatens to come after the pair, as the entire room crumbles. Suddenly, Kippi and Jerusalem vanish.
In the conclusion to Jerusalem Jones and the Lost Afikomen, Kippi and Jerusalem Jones find a king's crown. They eventually find the afikomen in the pages of the Haggadah.

At the end of the episode came this highly offensive montage, that ends off with brainwashed Zionist children singing "Next Year in Rebuilt Jerusalem," an obviously illegal attempt to grab the illegally occupied city to Judaize it, to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and replace it with an alleged "Third Temple," and to ethnically clean all the Muslims out of Al Quds. (Don't be fooled by the Arabic "Salaam" at the beginning of the clip. It is just another Zionist lie.)

In other words, Sarah Jessica Parker is a land-grabbing Zionist hell-bent on world domination, clearly supporting Zionism's expansionist aims and the genocide against Arabs. (Not to mention the explicitly anti-Egyptian message that is given throughout the episode.)
If this gets out, SATC II is doomed in (99% of) the Middle East.