Monday, May 03, 2010

Why should Arabs be afraid of Iran? (Zvi)

In response to my post about Iran's new term of "Iranophobia," Zvi wrote:

I don't suppose that "Iranophobia" in the region has anything to do with

* declaring sovereignty over Bahrain
* occupying the UAE's Tunb islands

* sending troops to seize control of the Fakah Oil Well 5 times this year (most recently last month)

* holding war games that involve seizing European shipping in the Gulf
* sponsoring insurgents in Yemen that threaten Yemen and, indirectly, the Saudis
* sending terrorist cells to infiltrate Egypt and carry out attacks in the Suez Canal Zone
* sponsoring the violent Hamas coup that took over Gaza
* sponsoring the violent Hezbollah coup that intimidated the elected government of Lebanon
* sponsoring the Syrian state that murdered Hariri and wishes to reoccupy Lebanon fully
* sending spies into Kuwait to facilitate attacks on Kuwait
* sponsoring violent Shia Iraqi groups like Hezbollah-Iraq
* Not to mention arming Hezbollah to attack Israeli civilians and threatening to use nuclear weapons against Israel (lots of Israelis, including Arabs as well as Jews, would die, of course, and due to the fallout in the West Bank, Gaza, Sinai, Jordan, south Lebanon and Syria, there would be lots of dead Arabs. The Dome of the Rock would be vaporized - so much for Islam's third holiest shrine.)
* issuing numerous threats against the US and Israel
* abrogating the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty after signing it, showing that Iran's signature on an international agreement has no value at all.

(Have I left anything out?)

No, I can't imagine why anyone would be concerned about the IRI.