Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tamimi visits Paris

The hateful, bigoted and habitually lying Sheikh Taysir Tamimi is in Paris where he is receiving a warm welcome from the Arabs and Arab sympathizers there.

Kapitalis, a French-language Tunisian newspaper, writes that Tamimi spoke at a conference called "The Battle for Al Quds" where he was with his admirer Franco-Algerian sociologist Nacira Guénif, Chairman of the Committee of Muslim-Christian dialogue.

Tamimi has stated in the past that there is no Jewish connection to Jerusalem, that Jews are exporting AIDS to PalArabs, there were never any Temples there, that Jews are planning to massacre Muslims on the Temple Mount and that Jews were planning to demolish Al Aqsa last March. He's also the guy who interrupted the Pope to make a speech about Israeli genocide against Arabs.

Yet, according to this article, Tamimi is a moderate who says that the 9/11 bombers were not good Muslims and that terrorism is bad. (Of course, Palestinian Arab terrorism would not fall under that category according to Tamimi - that is "resistance.")

The sociologist
Nacira Guénif railed against the French calling Israel "the Holy Land" and calling Jerusalem, um, "Jerusalem" and not "Al Quds." It seems that it is offensive for secular French to use such a non-secular term as "The Holy Land." What the clueless academic may or may not realize is that "Al Quds" literally means "The Holy," so her advocating the use of that term shows her to be as much of a hypocrite as her idol Tamimi.

(h/t JSS)