Saturday, May 29, 2010

Six Gazans killed in another tunnel accident

From Ma'an:
Gaza medics said six Palestinians were killed and 12 others were injured on Saturday when a gas cylinder exploded inside a southern Gaza tunnel.

Chief of Ambulance and Emergency services in Gaza Muawiya Hassanein told Ma’an that the workers were inside the tunnel when the cylinder exploded and that three sustained critical injuries.

Gas cylinders are one of the many items smuggled into the coastal enclave following Israel's siege, which limits the amount of fuel into Gaza, dramatically reducing its sole power station's ability to function and provide energy to residents.
The last paragraph is a lie. Israel has no limit on how much fuel is sent into Gaza outside the physical limits of its ability to transfer it.  The only limitation is how much the Hamas government (or the PA) is willing to pay for fuel. This was the reason for blackouts since January.

Israel still provides 70% of the direct electricity for Gaza.

See the MFA's statistics here and here.