Thursday, May 13, 2010

Polish soccer fans: "Death to the hook-nosed people"

A large anti-semitic banner was unfurled during a a soccer match in Poland last week.

The fans of the home team, Resovia Rzeszow, showed the large banner of a classic Nazi-era caricature of a Jew wearing a blue and white yarmulka - the colors of the opposing team - with a universal "no" symbol, and a separate banner above it stated "DEATH TO THE HOOK-NOSED PEOPLE."

This was not reported in a single newspaper until one disgusted witness, Jerzy Kowalczyk, wrote an op-ed about it on the Polish Wiadomości24 news site.

Kowalczyk notes that the epithet "Jew" is often heard at soccer matches, but this was by far the worst and most offensive display he had ever seen. He adds that there can be no mistake as to the meaning behind it, because the fans of the team proudly call themselves the "Aryan Horde." Here is a large number of them behind a banner that says "The Aryan Horde is Coming."

The ADL notes that out of the 15,000 Jews who used to live in the town of Rzeszow, only 700 survived the Holocaust.

(h/t Callie)