Sunday, May 02, 2010

Palestinian Arab demand ability to time travel

From YNet:
The list of the Palestinians' demands in negotiations with Israel is coming together. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he will demand already in the stage of proximity talks that Israel transfer vast areas in the West Bank, including those currently under full and partial Israeli control, to sole Palestinian control.

Abbas said that he would also demand that the Jordan Valley be included in the territories to be transferred to the Palestinians.

"The objective is to restore within a few months the situation in the territories to the way it was before the intifada with a gradual and significant addition of land that will be transferred to full Palestinian control," explained Abbas.
As I wrote last month:

What could possibly be wrong with turning back the clock to the day before a war began that killed a thousand Israeli civilians?

Starting and losing a war has consequences in every part of the world except for one. Since 1967, the world - and "international law" as interpreted by most - is fixated on the idea that the Arabs can start all the wars they want against Israel. If they lose, international pressure will ensure that the previous status quo can be returned to, so there are no consequences for losing.

In this case, Abbas is not only trying to ensure that his movement didn't lose by starting a murderous terror spree - he's trying to turn it into an after-the-fact victory, where the consequences of terror is a state.

No wonder the PA names streets, squares and camps after terrorists who sprang up after Oslo - those terrorists really are paving the way for a state, with help from the West.