Friday, May 28, 2010

New features! Open thread!

Since some of my readers have said that they use my site as a portal, I created a widget that includes all of my Google Reader feeds in one place, making it easy to read many blogs and news sources from a single page.(I even included the comments here as a feed.)

This widget can be found in a new EoZ News Feeds page that can be accessed from my sidebar.Let me know what you think, or if you want me to add other sources you consider essential.

For different reasons, I also created a page that contains most of my Goldstone Report critiques, so they could be seen in one place. I should edit them and make them more organized if I get the chance, but even in the form the page is in now, it helps debunk the claim that Goldstone and others have made that there has been no substantial criticism of the report. If you copy and paste it into a word processor the document is 46 pages long.

My Amazon Market page is still there, and has been a resounding success: I have earned 62 cents so far, which means that my blog revenue has increased by over a million percent over the same period last year. This makes the blog one of the fastest growing revenue generators among all on-line businesses. (Aren't statistics fun?)

Consider this an open thread.