Sunday, May 02, 2010

How Arabs visualise left-wing Jews

Palestine Today has an article about a new European version of J-Street, called J-Call. Some left-wing Jews in Europe, whose public identification with Judaism is close to nil, wrote a letter to the EU parliament saying that they support Zionist capitulation to all Palestinian Arab demands and demanding that Europe cease continuing to support Israel.

In general, these Jews are the types who mightily try to distinguish themselves from the religiously committed Jews. They are the ones whose Passover Haggadahs are bowlderized to make them less Jewish and more "universal," deleting passages that are specifically Jewish and replacing them with passages for whatever the current fashion is - world peace, ecology, vegetarianism. They cringe at the fact that their grandfathers sported payos wore shtreimels. They would be far more comfortable in any church in Europe than in an Orthodox shul.

The PalToday article is headlined, "European Jewish intellectuals reject the Israeli occupation."

And this is how they illustrate these European Jewish intellectuals:

No matter how much these "progressive" Jews try to put distance between themselves and what they consider the primitive kind, the majority Jew-hating Arabs will never distinguish between these "enlightened" Jews and the ones who actually practice Judaism.

Oh, and Palestine Today also has a regular caricature of what Israeli Jews look like. What percentage of Israeli Jews wear hats and long beards, not to mention the classic stereotype hook-nose?