Monday, May 03, 2010

Evil Jewish plot to indoctrinate Egyptian children

The Egyptian government and UNESCO has been working on a project for the past few years to reform and improve Egyptian education, called the "National Strategic Plan for Pre-University Education."

An opposition politician in Egypt is now warning about the dangers of this plan.

Ahmed Jebali, head of the People's Democratic Party of Egypt, has discovered a frightening fact - an American Jewish expert, from USAID, is involved in creating the new Egyptian school curriculum!

Now, Jebali says, a Jew is going to control the information that goes into the tender young heads of Muslims attending Islamic schools in Egypt - which is a huge disgrace.

In his words, "This is part of a major U.S. project that aims to provide entertaining and fun books for children, which will be introduced in three stages in 39,000 government schools in all governorates of Egypt, which requires the exclusion of any religious or Islamic history books, under the American plan to "dry up terrorism ", as the curriculum of Islamic education and Islamic history is a tributary of terrorism from the standpoint of America."

According to Jebali, the plan would reduce the amount of Quranic studies by 65% and the amount of education of Islamic conquests by 35%. (Exactly what percentage of time these schools spend on "Islamic conquests" as opposed to, say, arithmetic, is an open question.)

Jebali goes on to mention the shocking fact that in Jordan, the Ministry of Education has already approved the use of new textbooks that encourage students to distinguish between legitimate resistance to occupation and "terrorism."

This is an outrage!