Friday, May 14, 2010

EoZ Book reviews page

I just put together synopses of book reviews I have written over the years in a separate page, accessible from the EoZ sidebar. They link to the full reviews.

It also includes links to an Amazon purchase page. If you buy it from here I get some miniscule percentage of the purchase price, so this is an indication of how I am selling out.

For an example of how this works:

This weekend I plan to read Efraim Karsh's "Palestine Betrayed." I like what I have seen so far, and hope to review it soon. When I do, there you will see a purchase widget on the left of the review, like there is here. (I also purchased his Islamic Imperialism book, for a future review.)

I also added a tiny Amazon search widget on the bottom of my left sidebar, in case you want to buy anything from Amazon and at the same time contribute to the upkeep of this site.  (If nothing else, I need it so I can buy my own stuff from Amazon that way.)

I am still trying to come up with ways to make a little money back from this blog without inconveniencing readers. This seemed like a reasonable start.

OK, open thread!