Monday, May 03, 2010

Arabs upset at "Jew" Murdoch buying stake in Arab media powerhouse

Palestine Today has an article about how "Jew" Rupert Murdoch is buying a 9.1% stake of Arab media powerhouse Rotana Holdings, something I reported in late March.

Usually, PalToday attempts to put a slight sheen of objectivity in its articles, but this reporter went over the edge. The article repeatedly refers to Murdoch as Jewish, a fact that seems tenuous at best. It refers to the Wall Street Journal as an arm of the "Israel Lobby," and that Murdoch is the "Emperor of the Zionist Lobby."

Its analysis is that Tel Aviv is behind this purchase of a stake of Rotana, because Israeli are trying to change Arab perceptions of Israel. This is supposedly a two-track plan, one to increase how well Israel is looked at in the European and American media, and the other to make Arabs look as bad as possible. "American Zionist billionaire" Murdoch, of course, is a key part of this conspiracy. He even met with Jordan's Queen Rania together with Hollywood celebrities recently (or, perhaps, the queen was profiled in Hello! magazine - I'm not sure.)

Soon, Zionist dramas will replace the Arab dramas that Rotana produces, the article goes on to predict, subtly brainwashing the Arabs to love Israel - which would be, for blindingly obvious reasons that the reporter doesn't even have to mention, catastrophic.