Sunday, May 30, 2010

Abu Marzouk: "Unofficial contacts between US and Hamas"

Hamas deputy political chief Abu Marzouk was interviewed in the Algerian daily El Chourouk.

He claimed that Hamas has opened channels of communication with the US:

There are various channels of communication [between Hamas and the US], some official and some unofficial, but everyone asks permission from the State Department and the White House in this for authorization to communicate, but without fanfare. The official rhetoric in the media is that the US does not communicate with Hamas, but they do communicate with us for objective reasons. They know that Hamas was elected by the Palestinian people and lead the legitimate government. Although the U.S. administration believes that the movement does not serve its objectives in the region...it knows that Hamas is a fact.
He also claimed that the PA has spied on Algeria, and that he is pessimistic about Hamas/Fatah reconciliation.