Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gaza power woes continue - but not because of Israel

Gaza experienced blackouts over the weekend as money to pay for fuel for the power plants ran out again.

The Gaza Electricity Company transferred 3 million US dollars to the Palestinian Authority treasury in Ramallah on Sunday, after Palestinian factions met to discuss the means to bring an end to blackouts experienced across the Gaza Strip.

The sole power generator in the Gaza Strip was completely closed down on Saturday, the head of the electric company announced , following a day of unheeded warnings that a humanitarian crisis was at hand.

Shortly after the announcement, both the PA and the Gaza government launched accusations at each other over responsibility for Gaza's ongoing fuel shortage, with Hamas alleging the Ramallah-based leadership had used EU funds intended for diesel transfers to increase civil servants' salaries.
Some Gaza residents have discovered power inverters as a better alternative to dangerous gasoline-powered generators that many have been using. The power inverters can be connected to car batteries of they can be charged during the times that electricity is available, or even with solar panels, to provide electricity when needed.