Friday, March 19, 2010

This week's scoops and exclusives at EoZ

Every once in a while I get the unbecoming urge to brag a little.

Here is a partial list of the journalistic scoops, interesting stories and original analysis that are simply not available in the Western media - just from this blog, just from this week:

Israeli flag raising in Qatar - Israelis at a sports meet in Qatar cause Arab angst
Egyptians cancel soccer match with Palestinian Arab team - because it might imply "normalization" with Israel
Algeria reveals the extent of its participation in 1967, 73 wars
- it wasn't only Egypt, Jordan and Syria
Another internal attack on police in Gaza - lots of these in recent months
Two Malaysian pre-teens married to middle-aged men
"Violence erupts" - all by itself! - media bias
Abbas adopts a boy. Love or politics?
Gunbattles, kidnappings, rocket fire in Gaza. The usual.
- Gaza remains a mess even with Hamas' hard line
Tamimi doesn't even pause in his lies and incitement - the man behind the riots
Major Muslim religious group calls for jihad against Israel
- Nothing new but isn't it still news?
Libya worried about turnout to Arab Summit - Arab unity, again
Saudi cleric calls for destruction of Grand Mosque in Mecca - because of men and women mixing
Nuclear disarmament conference to be held - in Iran - cynical manipulation of Western useful idiots
Convicted felon in Gaza - pretending to be a US congressman and Fake congressman now scamming Egypt - The Egyptian government, major newspapers in Gaza and Egypt, and possibly Hamas have been taken in by this nutcase

Is there any professional, full-time journalist in the world who would not be proud to get this many scoops in a month, let alone a week?