Sunday, March 07, 2010

Riot at Bethlehem University

From Ma'an:
Bethlehem University’s student senate accused the university's guards of assaulting 17 students on campus on Friday, following a brawl.

Anan Jawabra, president of the student senate, told Ma'an that the attack followed an attempt to allow a visitor on campus. The senate president said BU's vice president, Mussa Darwish, refused to permit the visitor entry and university guards took the guest to a room and began beating him.

Students were then attacked by guards wielding batons during a 40 minute brawl, Jawabra said, with two students left bleeding for two hours before being transferred to hospital.

The student senate further accused the university guards of brining knives and fire extinguishers to the fight, and calling on friends to assist them in the brawl. The senate says the incident was re-instigated at 2:30pm, despite the campus being cleared of students.
Call the Human Rights organizations!

Oh, that's right - they don't get involved when Israel can't be blamed.