Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Report: PalArab kids "forced" to visit Holocaust monument in the Netherlands (updated)

Palestine Today, which is an Islamic Jihad newspaper based in Gaza, quotes a Hamas news site:
A dangerous precedent was set today when UNRWA forced Palestinian children to visit a monument in Amsterdam for the so-called Holocaust, Zionism, during a trip organized by the Agency to the Netherlands for outstanding students.

The sources said that the children refused this request, prompting officials on the trip to threaten the teachers accompanying the students with dismissal from their jobs unless they could persuade students to visit the site.

The sources added that this was a special request of an employee named "Hannah"; to implement a program of psychological support to put pressure on children and supervisors for the implementation of the visit to this site. Failing to do so, the organizers of the program instead gave a lecture on the so-called "Holocaust."

Whether the story is true or not, it shows exactly how terrible Palestinian Arabs think teaching their kids about the Holocaust would be.

Thinking of Jews as victims, or as human beings who could be felt sorry for? Absurd!

UPDATE: UNRWA is strongly denying the story.