Tuesday, March 16, 2010

No cornerstone? No matter, we'll riot anyway

The putative reason for five days of riots, which was the alleged threat by "right wing" Israelis to lay a cornerstone for the Third Temple, didn't materialize today. What a surprise.

Even some Israeli media like YNet reported that there were plans for such a ceremony:
...Police have declared they will not allow the Israeli rightists to go through with their plans to lay a cornerstone at the site.
Unfortunately, these irresponsible journalists never quite managed to identify any such group that had announced those plans, essentially believing the rants of the lying Palestinian Muslim leaders who made up the story.

YNet should have known better, because only two weeks ago Palestinian Arabs rioted over the exact same reason. From February 28th:
Members of the Waqf and various Islamic organizations, including the Islamic Movement, urged Muslims over the weekend to flock to the Temple Mount, claiming that "radical Jewish organizations have called on their followers to arrive at the mount today and on Tuesday in an attempt to lay the cornerstone for the temple."
So will the Islamic leaders look foolish to their people for their repeatedly false prophecies? Will Palestinian Arabs start being a bit more skeptical when these leaders make their wild claims against the Jews?

Judging from history, the answer is clearly no. There will be new incitement and lies in the days and weeks and months ahead, and it will often succeed in getting young Palestinian men to riot on a moment's notice. And these lies will not have any consequences.