Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Al Azhar head refuses to visit "Islam's third holiest site"

The new head of Al Azhar University, Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, has stated that he refuses to visit Jerusalem while it is under "occupation" and he called on Muslims not to visit Jerusalem.

It is a little funny, because Muslims had no problem visiting Jerusalem when it was under British occupation. Apparently, as holy as Jerusalem is purported to be, hate for Israel trumps the holiness of Islam's supposedly third holiest site. I wonder if they would refuse to visit Mecca and Medina should they ever be occupied?

Religious Jews jump through hoops to visit Jewish shrines under Arab control, in Shechem as well as in Egypt and Jordan. The idea that politics is more important than religion is usually not something that religious figures espouse.

al-Tayeb also said he would refuse to meet with any Zionist officials, and would not participate in any conferences where Zionist officials are invited.