Friday, March 19, 2010

More from Jack Shepard the scammer (updated)

I just found Jack Shepard's YouTube channel. (Shepard is the guy I've been mentioning who went to Gaza this week and convinced Gazans and Egyptians that he is a member of Congress.) Here's his commercial as he ran his campaign for president in 2008 - from Italy:

The crosses at 1:08 seem to contradict his claims of being Jewish. So does this page of his where he chooses Jesus as his role model.

Not surprisingly, he blames the Mossad for 9/11.

You can also view his Twitter page and the home page of the organization he visited in Gaza that he is honorary president of.

I am anxiously awaiting Cairo's response to the letter he supposedly delivered from Hamas.

UPDATES: He met with the PFLP terror group while in Gaza.
Al Jazeera fell for his scam, as did many other Arabic media.