Friday, March 05, 2010

Latest from the Dubai police circus

From The National (UAE):
The chief of police yesterday gave the 26 people whose identities are alleged to have been stolen by the killers of Mahmoud al Mabhouh one month to file legal actions over identity fraud.

If they do not, they will be considered by the Dubai police to have collaborated with the alleged assassination, Lt Gen Dahi Khalfan Tamim said.

“Those who claim that their identities have been stolen by the squad who murdered al Mabhouh, have to file a law suit against the perpetrators to their respective countries or arrest warrants will be issued against them,” he said.

“If their claims are correct then they should report the offense, otherwise in our eyes they are collaborators with the squad and thus they will be wanted for the authorities,” said Lt Gen Tamim. “We will give them one month to file lawsuits after which we will put them on the wanted list.”

Dubai police have said the innocence of these people should not be taken for granted on the basis of that claim alone.
Who, exactly, must the victims file their lawsuits against?

As if we needed any more proof that the Dubai police have no clue.

In other Dubai police news, their previously most sensational murder case, that of Lebanese singer Suzanne Tamim, has suffered a setback. The people they accused of the murder are getting a retrial, possibly because the evidence provided by the Dubai police was inconsistent and incomplete.