Monday, March 22, 2010

Just some "stone throwing youths"

AFP shows us some of those pesky "stone-throwing youths" who, everybody knows, are not really a danger to anyone.

Check out the brave freedom-fighting youth who hurls a boulder through the window of a minivan filled with evil Zionist kids at 0:23, and the cheering that erupts for this act of bravery. (AFP doesn't allow me to show the video here, so click on the video box and it will take you to AFP's YouTube page, h/t Annie)

Not to mention the evil Zionist police who allow themselves to be pelted by stones at will - because throwing cement blocks is the Palestinian Arabs' natural right, while stopping violent riots must be done exactly according to the ever restrictive and exacting requirements and expectations of hundreds of NGOs, reporters and international law experts who will only criticize one side.
(h/t Israellycool)