Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Linkdump

Lots of semi-interesting things out there today:

A truly stupid Reuters article that quotes an unnamed Kabbalist about "ominous signs" during Biden's trip to Israel. This article was ignored by the vast majority of online newspapers - but Arab newspapers picked up on it.

Apropos to a recent comment thread on hate speech, free speech and incitement, the National Post speaks about the rights of a truly vile Canadian named Salman Hosain who calls for a new Holocaust.

A review of a book about how the Nazis used propaganda in the Arab world before WWII. Some of the reviewer's side comments are interesting, such as his claim that anti-semitic stories were added to The Arabian Nights tales in the 17th and 18th centuries.

WSJ on the new Hurva synagogue.

Firas Press in Arabic quotes an unnamed Israeli official saying that the only reason that Israel is acceding to US demands for new negotiations with the PA is to calm down the Arab world and unify nations against Iran. Maybe not the only reason but no doubt a very major one.