Sunday, March 07, 2010

Disco Dubai open thread (translated)

Translation, courtesy Annie:

Nobody told me there's going to be a party
If I'd have only known, I'd also have come along
From one minute to the next it all becomes clearer
Everyone was there besides me, it seems.

You thought you could keep it from me, a big secret
But "naive" Dahi has a big mouth and he's got cameras
All the world and his wife saw how you flew off without me
To the crazy costume party in Dubai.

Cheese... cheese... cheese

Only me they didn't invite to El Mabhouh's party
Wow, if I'd have been there I'd have sat him on a low chair
Also naive Dahi was there, found some bullets
And since then, from morning till night he's eating movies.

From one press conference to another he rattles on
From all that smoke he can't see the fire.
"I'm on to you, you killed Mabhouh"
DJ Dahi is in his groove, and whoever isn't jumping is suspect.

Cheese... cheese... cheese.

Straighten up your glasses, your wig's a little crooked
Straighten your mustache and smile at the camera
Put on the tennis cap and call the elevator
Because Mabhouh is coming in a minute and we'll put a pillow on him.

Golan Hen - lyrics, melody and coffee
Avihai Porat - vocals, sound and beer.

Open thread time!