Sunday, March 28, 2010

Arab Journalists Union to blacklist those who meet Israelis

Palestine Today reports that the Arab Journalists Union and other PalArab press organizations strongly criticized the Palestinian Arab journalists who met with their Israeli counterparts.

They said that this meeting was a kind of "normalization," and a serious crime. The unions called on the journalists to apologize or risk facing the consequences.

These consequences include being placed on a journalist "blacklist" and other punitive measures such as boycotting them.

The statement said it was with that deep regret and disgust that they learned that the meeting took place, seeing it as a disavowal of the blood of the martyrs of the Palestinian movement.

In other words, the Journalists Union made it crystal clear that, for them, objectivity is secondary to propaganda.

Of course, the correspondents for major news services in Gaza are members of this union that denies the adherence to even the most basic journalistic standards.