Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Notable ElBaradei interview

A video of an interview that Mohamed ElBaradei, outgoing head of the International Atomic Energy Agency and prospective candidate for Egyptian president, has just surfaced. ElBaradei made this interview last summer.

I do not understand Arabic (and Google doesn't yet offer real-time voice translation) but two articles point out interesting things about the interview.

Firas Press says that ElBaradei stated that humanity could be destroyed by nuclear weapons in 5-10 years. Yet in their description of the interview, he doesn't once mention Iran in connection with this observation and only talks about Israel's nuclear arsenal.

An Egyptian writer in Global Voices likes what he hears in the interview, including that ElBaradei is a supporter of pan-Arabism, and that he liked the idea of the old United Arab Republic where Egypt joined Syria, but he said there were mistakes as to how it was implemented.

And while he supports peace, he was against the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty, saying that Egypt should not have done it alone and saying that is caused serious isolation from the Arab world.