Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Good news: Water desalinization plant goes online

From YNet:
The desalination plant in Hadera, which is considered the largest in the world, has commenced infusing water into the Mekorot system, Water Authority Chairman Uri Shani declared last Wednesday.

In recent weeks experts have been holding extensive testing aimed at ensuring the water's quality. The plant has been given the Health Ministry seal of approval confirming that the water being desalinated meet Israel's drinking water standards.

In the future, the plant will reach a maximum output of 127 [million] cubic meters per year.

The plant in Hadera is an addition to two existing active facilities in Ashkelon and Palmachim. When it reaches full productivity, accumulated desalination in Israel will amount to 300 million cm per year.

Abraham Tenne, desalination department head in the Water Authority told Ynet this week that the new plant will make a considerable contribution to the water economy in Israel and noted that as a result water reserves will be more secure in 2010.

He further added that the first benefactor will be Lake Kinneret which suffers an ever diminishing water level.
Charlie Ettinson has some good observations on the story.

And Israel21C has a story on how Mekorot is providing the desalination technology for California.